Micronomic Plus

For storage of instruments


The mobile MICRONOMIC PLUS®. is a storage unit particularly suitable for use as an extension to the MICRONOMIC 50®.
The MICRONOMIC PLUS® Incorporates:

  • Integrated pull-out instrument tray
  • 5 large storage drawers with dividers and trays
  • Recess in polyurethane worktop for aluminium tray
  • Unit lightin

A number of trays and racks are included to maximise storage efficiency of both the MICRONOMIC 50®and MICRONOMIC PLUS®.

  • Ear speculum rack (extra charge)
  • Aluminium instrument trays
  • Dividers for drawers

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Netherlands-based Entermed, established in 1976, specializes in designing treatment units and equipment for the ear, nose and throat (ENT) discipline.

The company concentrates its resources on acquiring, developing and inventing quality equipment for ENT departments at hospitals and private clinics alike.
Through innovation, drive and excellence, Entermed develops and produces highly efficient, high-tech solutions for the simplification of ENT consulting room procedures.

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